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DM128 CO2 meter Air quality detector
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CO2 meter 
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It is an advanced carbon dioxide detection instrument built in high-quality Infrared ( NDIR ) sensor to allow real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity on its digital LCD display. Accurate measurement technology and reliable data display allow you to easily understand the changes in carbon dioxide in the air. By monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide, you can adjust the ventilation system reasonably, improve indoor air quality, and create a healthy and comfortable environment for you.
This instrument is suitable for various fields,  Its design is simple and elegant, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. Just press the start button and the instrument can quickly enter the working state, providing you with real-time  carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration data. 

-4.3 inch LCD screen display ,History Records  save

- Temperature unit between Celcius and Fahrenheit  Switch  

 -CO2 Technology :  infrared ( NDIR)

- CO2  detection range:  400ppm  -5000 ppm

-CO2 Alarm  value : 1000ppm.

-CO2 Alarm  on /off function(if users do not like alarm ,people can turn it off by hand operation )

-Power supply:rechargeable  Li-battery 3000mah
-Included:Main Unit+manual+charging cable

Advantage : 

-Integrated detection with CO2/Temperature/Humidity
-Auto calibration
-support History Records  save  
-support Temperature offset.
-Exceeding Alarming with auto detection and auto measuring 
-Alarm sound can be turned  off / on  by hand operation
-Color led changes for different Co2  Values

Package details: 
Product N.W.:225g 
Product G.W.:472g 
Package Dimension:24.2x11.4x6cm
CTN Dimension: 56*28*42cm
CTN Weight: 10.5KG


Product name
CO2 Meter
Product Size
142*78*65 MM
12 Months
CO2 range
Power supply
rechargeable  Li-battery 3000mah

1 Q: What the test index are include for air quality monitor? 
A : CO2: is for carbon dioxide,Infrared sensor(NDIR) Temperature and Humidity 
Suitable for detecting CO2 concentration in industrial, agricultural and residential environments.
Control the ventilation system according to the monitored target value (CO2 concentration).
2 . Q: What is the standard range for CO2? 
A: CO2 Test Range: 
400~1000 ppm 
Temperature Test Range: 0-50℃
Humidity Test Range 0-95%RH ; 
 3.  Q: How to charge it? 
mini  USB port  charging line which is included in the standard  accessories .  
We also offer adapter(Like US adapter, Europe adapter...) if  add extra cost. 
 4.  Q: How about OEM or custom? 
A: Sure, Asprofessional and stable manufacture for CO2 merter factory, we can support many custom contents as below; 
a  Printing logo on product .
b  Package, support custom pacakge(We can send neutral artwork to client to design package) 
c  Manual, support custom maual for many language,like English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish
d.  some custom sticker, like Amazon FBA upc label... To meet clients requirement.
e. Customized  software  is also possible  such as  change the CO2 standard value  , such as  shoot logo  display , such as  customized  language display  Etc .

 5.  Q: what's certificate include? 
A: 1.CE and Rohs 2. MSDS and UN38.3

Common fields 
1. Carbon dioxide monitoring of various industrial and agricultural plants, workshops, greenhouses, clean rooms,
2. Ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring required for homes, villas, office buildings, meeting rooms,
classrooms and other fields. 
3. Ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring in public places such as hotels, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping
malls, bars, restaurants, airports, train stations, entertainment halls, and theaters. 
4.Units that produce and use carbon dioxide gas, etc. 
Non-mandatory reference rating: 
a) 350 ~ 400ppm-usual outdoor air level. 
b) 400 ~ 1,000ppm-typical value in well-ventilated living space. 
c) 1,000 to 2,000 ppm-an air level that is inadequate, sleepy, and sufficient to cause complaints 
d) 2,000 ~ 5,000ppm-stagnant, old, sultry air level. It is headache and drowsiness, accompanied by
inattention, decreased concentration, rapid heartbeat and slight nausea. 
e)> 5,000 ppm-Exposure to it may cause severe hypoxia, resulting in permanent brain damage, coma and even death.

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